For more information on a committee or group please contact our office at or by phone 618-526-7746


Maintain and/or improve existing structures located on church property, as well as oversee any replacement or building of new structures. Any skills associated with the construction or maintenance of buildings is helpful—construction, plumber, electrician, laborer, contractor, engineer, etc.

Meeting: fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Plans and organizes parish social events. Maintains the parish census and keeps directory current. Develops awareness of social action programs to assist those in need. Giving Tree,Snack Pack Ministries, Cosgrove Kitchen, St. Vincent de Paul, marriage celebration, etc. The length of service is one year. Time commitment is one hour per month.

Meeting: As needed

The Finance Council is responsible for the maintenance of financial records, budget approvals, oversight of all parish-related income and expenditures and reporting monthly to the parish council. A time commitment of 1-2 hours per month is requested.

Meetings: third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Length of service is one year.

The Liturgy Committee’s goal is to plan, prepare, and assist in the execution of special Masses, Holy Day Masses, holidays and to keep the parish on track with the liturgical seasons of the Church.

Meeting: first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

The Media Committee will be responsible for assisting the parish to develop and maintain multiple avenues of communication with the parish community and the local community including but not limited to the internet presence of the Parish by enhancing communications with the parish community and consistent communication with the community. Some computer and internet knowledge is preferred.

Meeting: As Necessary, in person, via video conference and email.

The Parish Council consists of the pastor, two appointed trustees, nine elected members, and the presidents of the Men’s Sodality and Altar Sodality. The Council oversees the well being of the church and its many groups and committees. The Council meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 7 p.m. and is divided into eight committees. The committees are Liturgy, Spiritual Formation, Community, Building & Maintenance and Finance Committee.

The Spiritual Formation Committee develops, coordinates, and implements programs to address the spiritual growth needs of the parish community. This includes but is not limited to parish missions, parish retreats, small group activities, and educational programs.

Meeting: fourth Tuesday of every month at 7pm.

The Stewardship Committee seeks to deepen our parish family’s commitment and responsibility to the church by increasing individual parishioners’ commitments of prayer, time and talent, and treasure to St. Dominic’s Church. No specific skills are required but some very basic computer skills are helpful. A desire to foster commitments toward a stronger sense of parish community.

Meeting: first Monday of each month at 7pm. Length is 1-3 years.

St. Dominic Welcoming Committee welcomes new parishioners to our parish with a letter, visit and hearty welcome. They obtain a list of newcomers to Breese and newly registered families and send letters out to them each month.

Meetings: the last Monday of each month at the Breese Library at 7pm. Time commitment is 2 hours per month.

Faith Development

Volunteers prepare parents and help them understand the process and commitment that comes with baptism. Meet every 3 months on the 1st Monday from 7:00-8:30pm and at Baptism Mass each month. Time commitment is 20 hours per year. St. Augustine & St. Anthony now rotate with St. Dominic so that there is a class offered to parishioners every month.

Adoration is held on Mondays from 1pm-7pm every week. Individuals commit to one regularly scheduled hour of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament each week during this time. Lenten Adoration consists of one hour of prayer per week for the 6 weeks of Lent. Adoration during Lent is held every day except Wednesday.

This program is targeted to the age levels of 6-13 or grades 1-8. Catechists or teachers will provide faith foundation in a systemized approach with textbooks & materials. Volunteers will team teach with catechists. Time commitment is one school year, 2 hours per week. Every Wednesday 6-8 p.m. Child protection program is mandatory for initial & annual updates. Communication skills, willingness to work with youth. Training by diocese.

Our prayer ministry consists of a group of individuals who pray for people who need prayer due to emergencies, sickness, failing health, job loss or any other reason. If you would like to help others without leaving the comfort of your home, then this is for you! You can use your praying abilities to help others who need an extra prayer. You would receive a list of all prayer requests in the mail at the beginning of the month which you would pray daily for that month.

Assist with a marriage preparation program for engaged couples. Volunteers present on a variety of marriage-prep topics. Volunteers are also needed for setup, teardown, kitchen help, and dinner escorts. Pre-Cana events are held at Mater Dei High School. One Sunday per year. The length of service is flexible.

Interview and support the people seeking to become members of the Catholic Church. Help prepare for the rites leading up to full membership in the church. A time commitment of 2 hours per week is needed from Sept. to May. Meets Mondays weekly from 7:30-9:00pm Sept. to May. No specific skills. Just be able to meet people. Length of service is 3-5 years.

Musical Liturgy

The cantors praise God through song about once a month. They sing at special Masses (Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, etc.) and at weekend Masses about once a month. Special abilities: singing skills.

The children’s choir praises God through song about once every 2 months. Practices are very casual and are usually held on Saturday mornings. Time commitment is 3 hours over a 2-month period. Two practices before singing at 10:00 on Saturday (usually). Co-director is Diane Antonacci.

The adult choir praises God through song about once a month. They attend Thursday night rehearsals regularly. The choir sings at special Masses (Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, etc.) and at weekend Masses about once a month. Special abilities: singing skills. Time commitment is 2-3 hours per week.

Any musicians interested in playing with the choir or children’s choir would be required to attend rehearsals prior to the Mass. Special skills: play an instrument. Time commitment is 2 hours per Mass at which they’re playing.

Organists and pianists are scheduled to play about once or twice a month. The other organists and Leah Loddeke decide on a Mass schedule together, working around personal schedules. This ministry requires working with cantors before Mass and some outside practice if needed. Special skills: playing piano or organ. Time commitment is 6 hours per month.

Choir will sing for funeral Masses and Good Friday. Should be able to come on a two-day call notice and be willing to come before Mass at least 45 minutes to practice requested hymns. No special skills, just willing to sing. Time commitment is 1 3/4 hrs. per funeral.


You will be asked to bake bread to be used at Mass on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Perhaps for other special parish Masses. Skills: Be able to read and follow recipe directions and have access to an oven. Length of service is as long as you wish, and time is 1-2 hours once or twice a year.

Our purpose is to decorate the church, according to the season, in a manner that presents a very pleasing, artistic, and spiritual environment. Patience in decorating and new ideas are always welcomed. No definite time period and no meetings—we meet to discuss decorations.

Eucharistic ministers are called to reverently distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembly at Sunday Mass, to assist the priest and to ensure that the Communion Rite flows smoothly. Special skills: commitment of faith, respected member of parish family, active participant in Catholic faith preferred. 1 Mass every 3rd or 4th week.

  • Nursing Home, Sundays — Ministers celebrate a communion service with residents on Sunday mornings including Scriptures & Communion. Holy Communion is also brought to the residents in their rooms. We work in teams of two. Ministers must be compassionate around elderly people. 1 1/2 hours every 3rd month.
  • Nursing Home, Tuesday Morning Mass — Ministers assist Father at Mass by proclaiming the Scripture Readings and they help with the distribution of Communion at Mass and to the residents in their rooms. Must be comfortable around the elderly and disabled. Takes approximately one hour.
  • Nobis Home — Ministers distribute Holy Communion to the residents of both Nobis Homes after the 8:00 Mass on Sundays. They proclaim a scripture reading and pray a short prayer with the residents before distributing communion. They also bring bulletins to Nobis residents. Special skills: Compassion, warmth, friendliness, a welcoming nature, and smiles. Time: 1/2 hour every 7th Sunday

Volunteer to take communion to half the people on the first Friday Communion list; alternating with Fr. Pat. You need to be a Eucharistic Minister and can be trained at the parish. Time commitment 3-4 hours one day per month on the first Friday. Length is as long as you wish.

Our bereavement ministry coordinates and offers support to members of our parish families following a death or other important loss. We provide support by helping families plan the funeral liturgy, coordinate available community resources, and maintain contact during the year following the loss. Meeting for 2 hours every other month.

Lectors serve as proclaimers of the Word of God (scripture readings at Sunday Mass). Special skills: preparation time, commitment of faith, talent (the ability to speak clearly into a microphone and in front of an assembly). Basic knowledge of scripture is also very helpful. One Mass every 3 months.

Adult Mass Servers — Adult volunteers would be needed to serve at some weekday Masses. Work with the chairperson to schedule who would serve. Start date is to be announced. Time commitment is minimal. Some small training would be offered.

Youth Mass Servers — Duties are to assist the priest in the celebration of Sunday & weekday Mass as the volunteer servers are assigned monthly. Serve from 5th grade to sophomore year in high school. Attending servers’ training with Fr. Pat or his delegate. One hour per month at weekend Mass.

Volunteers set-up for Masses on weekends when a visiting priest is here. Duties include unlocking/locking church doors, turning on lights, setting out bulletins, preparing vessels for Mass, securing the collection, finding servers & a lector if necessary, making the visiting priest comfortable and aware of how we celebrate Eucharist.

Volunteers would lead the parish in praying the rosary before Mass during May & October. People are normally only scheduled once or twice each month. Skills: you must be comfortable and willing to use the microphone in front of people. A good, clear speaking voice is best. Guides for praying the rosary are available.

Take care of the altar linens, launder & iron them, refill candles with liquid wax, fill holy water fonts, take care of cassocks, seasonal decorations, banners, and any other related jobs. Change altar cloths, towels, purificators, book covers, clean candlesticks. Water plants. Time commitment is about 2 hours per week. Skills: care for plants & flowers.

Ushers, representing the community, are called upon to function as hosts and hostesses. They have the opportunity to make personal contact with individuals. A warm welcome, seating visitors, and the offertory collection all help to set the tone for fellowship in the spirit of Jesus. Skills: need to be people oriented and committed to their faith.

Parish Life

The mission of the Altar Sodality shall be to unite all Catholic women of the parish in religious activities. They shall provide for the needs of our parish community. The Sodality runs the annual Rummage Sale and collects quilts for the picnic/raffles. They also help with chicken dinners & will serve funeral lunches. The Sodality meets on the first or second Monday of the month 5 times a year.

Help generate money for use at church and school. We volunteer when work is needed. Men’s Sodality president attends Parish Council meetings to update and advise. The chicken dinner committee meets twice before each dinner to prepare dinner work lists and supplies. Hope to get together to meet new friends in the parish. The length is one year.

As the need arises, you would be called and asked to come into the rectory for a morning to stuff, label, and seal envelopes for parish mailings. Example: when we mail raffle tickets or newsletters to all parishioners. No skills, just willing and able hands.

Volunteers will secure committee chairs for the annual picnic and organize the day of the picnic. Schedule picnic meetings, order tents, & organize picnic table pickup and returns. Make sure that the picnic as a whole runs smoothly. The planning/steering committee runs on a 3-year rotating term. Special skills needed are leadership and organizational skills. The length of service is 3 years.

Order supplies needed for your stand. Schedule your list of workers. Be available the day of the picnic to assure your stand is running smoothly. Oversee set-up and tear down of supplies in your stand. Time: 1 meeting prior to & 1 meeting after picnic, in addition to that day. Special skills: leadership & organizational skills. Length of service is a minimum of three years/no maximum.

Members would introduce the new Prayer Garden to the parish. Oversee the continued development of the garden. Main purpose is to honor Mary, the Blessed Mother and give everyone a place to sit to say a prayer and reflect. Skills would be a love for outdoor design; not a lot of time involved. Meet in the spring and when needed.

Help put quilts in frame for quilters & quilt. Organize lunch for quilters, etc. Put quilt together and put binding and points on. Quilt at the rectory 1 day a week for 6-8 weeks from mid-January to mid-March. Purchase materials for quilt tops donated. Be able to use needle, thread, and thimble. Thursdays at 9 a.m.

This ministry seeks to involve volunteers in meetings, programs, and activities that foster life on all levels and bring an end to abortion through prayer, action, and education. Current efforts include prayer opportunities, National Life Chain, the Night of Prayer for Life, Distribution of Pro-life signs, and working on the Washington DC National March for Life. No specific skills required.

The committee would help our parish become more aware of the needs of our Adopted Parish in Guatemala and coordinate any activities pertaining to the awareness. (i.e., special collections, pictures being published, writing articles for the website, etc.)

Vacation Bible School will be an exciting, fun-filled Scripture – based program for our children. They explore Bible adventures and take part in Daily Challenges that encourage them to connect faith to everyday life. We are looking for volunteers to help set up, run, and work at activity stations during the week with the children. A planning committee has been meeting as needed to prepare. For more information concerning signing up for children, call the parish office for the latest information, 526-7746.

You would be asked to attend & photograph parish events and write a summary or news story of that event; then submit the story and pictures to the parish office for the parish website. Skills: general grammar and writing skills preferred. Ability to submit information digitally required.

Youth ministry’s goal is to further our youth’s spiritual lives through service, fun, prayer, and worship. Must be a practicing Catholic and have a genuine care for young people. It is NOT necessary to have a strong theological knowledge base, just a willingness to share yourself with youth. Chaperones are always needed on a per project basis to organize and help with each event. Length of time varies with what you’re able to give. Adults are involved with coordinating all the different activities of youth ministry.

Youth ministry is immersing yourself in your faith in a fun way with a group of your peers. You can become involved in service projects, sports, fundraisers and the Youth Conference. If you have been baptized, you’re already in! Meetings are held once a month on Sundays at noon. TEC & QUEST Retreats – link to

Social Outreach & Community

These are elected positions. Please watch the bulletin for nomination & election dates held every year and you can run to sit on the Board. Volunteer who is elected to the school board would help oversee daily operations financially, academically, and by overseeing school policy. Skills: must have an interest in the spiritual & academic development of the children of ASA or MD. ASA school board meets on the 3rd Wed. of every month at 7 p.m. and has a length of service of three years.

To assist and advise the Parish Finance Councils in issues that apply to shared resources and/or commitments of the cluster. Meet quarterly or as needed. The length of commitment is two years. Need to be an active member of the Parish Finance Committee and be appointed by the parish pastor/PLC and/or Finance Committee.

Our mission is to foster community among our clustered parishes by sharing talents, ministries and by working together to address the various needs that often cannot be met by an individual parish. Should the time come when our cluster would experience a reduction in the number of priests, the planning committee would assist in developing and implementing plans to meet our ongoing needs. This committee is comprised of two members from each of the six parishes in our cluster. Members serve for two-year terms. Meetings are held quarterly.

Parish Service Schedules



  • Nursing Home Schedule – Tuesday
  • Nursing Home Schedule – Sunday
  • Cedarhurst – Thursday Morning

For more information on a committee or group please contact our office at or by phone 618-526-7746

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